Tulsa Moving Tips

1. Reserve your plastic moving boxes. These are cheaper compared to boxes sold at the rental truck store.
2. Schedule the switch over of bills and utilities over to the new address
3. Switch address with postal office.
4. Schedule Movers.
5. Schedule carpet cleaners or maid service to clean your current home. Most buyers expect a cleaned house when they move in.
6. Start packing boxes 4-10 days before you move.
7. Clear the clutter 2 months before you move. This makes packing the moving boxes so much faster because you don’t have to sort through stuff. So all you’ll have to do is fill up those boxes, put the lid on, and stack-em in the corner for the moving guys. Give clothes away that you don’t use. Sell or donate appliances, tools, toys or whatever you don’t want. The reason for doing this 2 months before the move is because it takes a few weeks to go through everything to decide what to get rid off. You would be surprised how many things get moved from house to house and never get used. Like that fine china you still have in a box. Why not sell it or give it to a family member that will use it. De-cluttering will change your life! If it doesn’t, you are probably a hoarder and need therapy…ha!