Moving Boxes for Tulsa

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Tulsa’s Moving Box Solution

Moving is a pain. Find out what a local Tulsa moving box rental company is doing to make your next move less stressful.

So it’s time to pack for your Tulsa move. The first thing most of us do is try to round up enough cardboard boxes and tape them up enough to use for a decent moving box. Not trying to say we should never use cardboard, but lets face it, cheap cardboard boxes are not very strong.

Then we pack valuables in these flimsy cardboard boxes and get upset when the boxes don’t hold up and your favorite coffee mug gets crushed. What about the cardboard box you thought you taped well? But when you picked it up all the paperwork you packed breaks through the box and suddenly your move has become insanely stressful.

What if you could just wake up and pack your valuables in durable box that required no assembly or tape? What if you could move in the rain or snow and not have to worry about your moving boxes getting wet and soggy thus damaging your belonging?

What if I told you that these durable moving boxes will be delivered to your front door and picked up when your done at your new location?

Tulsa, here’s your moving box solution! SmartMovingBox is a new local service that rents plastic moving containers at a affordable rate. These plastic moving boxes are even less expensive compared to the cardboard boxes you buy at the moving truck rental store. Plus these boxes will protect your belongings much better than cardboard. These containers are also very ample in size. You can pack quite a bit of stuff in them. The demensions of the containers are 24 long x 18 wide x 16 tall . Why is this better than cardboard, you ask. Well, with many cardboard box deals, you get a bunch of small boxes and only a handful of large ones. All of SmartMovingBox’s containers are the same spacious size.

Make your move less stressful and reserve your SmartMovingBoxes today!